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Friday, March 17, 2017

"Ugly Gringos" in Ecuador. Quito March 2017.

Once in a while gringos write articles about "ugly" gringos in Ecuador, shaming Norteamericanos for their bad behavior. 
Quotes from countless articles about ugly gringos in Ecuador:
"Ugly Gringo Stay Away"
"Don’t come here and screw up my little corner of the world"
"unfavorable impact of the Ugly Gringo" 
Ugly gringos have thousand sins (again, quotes from articles and posts written by others gringos in Ecuador): 
complaining loudly,
generally upsetting the staff with an overbearing attitude,
speaking loudly enough for everyone to hear about how this and that was wrong with Ecuador, 
they don't attempt to learn the language and stick to their own kind,
they live in those $200-300 grand mansions, in gated communities, right in front of cardboard hovels, 
they brag about their $10,000 couches that they paid thousands and more to send down here,
they can't leave a nickel tip in the cheap restaurants----any restaurant,
they are giving money to children and its socially inappropriate
they are being "generous to these poor people" intentionally overpaying! Because they could!!
they have driven prices up, overpaying for many items, especially for real estate.
they constantly compare prices to where they came from without regard to local economy.
they steal businesses from the locals,
they are willing to come here and exploit the system meant for Ecuadorians
they are benefiting from cost savings and that is not fair to the citizens of chosen destination.
they are overwhelming medical facilities and take advantage of the socialized medical system.
they line up at SRI (the tax office) to get their I.V.A. (12% national Value Added Tax) refunded and they do not deserve it. 
they are "heartless gringos"
they have a ...llion times more than the locals will ever have when it comes to money
and so on.  

What poor "ugly gringos" to do when they don't feel at home or cannot afford to live in their home countries where millions of legal and illegal immigrants use the system in a way gringos can't even dream of in Ecuador?  Where to go and how to behave? How to determine what is "Good" or "Bad" in modern world? Just few hundreds years ago they would conquer and slaughter, now they are legally immigrating and the world are shrinking for "gringos".

At least "ugly gringos" in Ecuador not saying that "it is our country, not theirs And We Are Not Going to Leave" like Univision senior anchor J R declared. 
"Ugly gringos" don't behead people and don't even threat to behead, not even their Spanish language teachers, imagine that!   
"Ugly gringos" don't plow trucks into crowd   
so far there are no reports about Ecuadorian women being raped by "ugly gringos" sex mobs, more likely that the single "ugly gringo" would get married and support Ec woman and her family. 
They (shamed "ugly gringos") don't attack malls, airports, trains and other public transportation hubs in Ecuador.
"Ugly gringos" in Ecuador don't demand havens for their illegal activities, because 99.99% of them have legal status and are law abiding citizens, even 99.99% of their so called "sins" are legal from law's point of view. Compare to this.
They don't slaughter anymore

Give an "ugly gringo" a break. They are not so bad after all: no beheading, no raping, no terror attacks in their host country - they are almost an angels! As one "ugly gringo" said: "Everything is in perspective".

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tensions rise over election results in province Manabi, Ecuador. February 2017.

In previous post I wrote about movement in Ecuador, online, mostly Facebook and Twitter, with slogan "Nunca más pisen Manabí!"/"We'll never set foot in Manabi" 
Lately, officials and media got involved, defending people of Manabi.

To help people of Manabi to recuperate after earthquake, Quitenos donated food(including lots of cans of tuna) and necessities, caravan of cars and trucks were organized by entities and people of Quito to deliver help to Manabi. As they say: "No good deed goes unpunished".
On February 24th group of people, claiming to be from Manabi congregated in front of headquarters of Movimiento Creo which has Lasso as a presidential candidate. They threw cans of tuna in front of the building in protest. "No se puede insultar a los ciudadanos manabitas" they said. In English "Can't insult people of Manabi"
Apparently they didn't need help after all, returning cans of tuna to Quitenos.
El Comercio: Un grupo de personas arrojaron latas de atún fuera de un edificio en Quito. A group of people threw cans of tuna outside of buiding in Quito.  Foto: API
They were prepared, equipped with well made flags, it looks like they have resources to travel to Quito, to prepare their propaganda materials, etc.
On a flag there is a message: "Respect Manabi F-k  / Lenin President"  
En las afueras de la sede del edificio de Creo en Quito, varias personas protestaron por supuestos mensajes de reclamo tras las elecciones. Foto: EL COMERCIO
Outside of headquarters of movement Creo group of people protesting against insulting messages about results of election in province of Manabi.
Election drama continues...

Update: Some people on these photos were identified as affiliated with current regime. On Facebook I found at least two identities of protesters posted.  In this case it's not a protest, it's a provocation and dirty politics.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Interesting fact about election results in province Manabi, Ecuador. February 2017.

As you probably know, an earthquake occurred in Ecuador on April 16, 2016 with a moment magnitude of 7.8. Widespread damage was caused across Manabi province, with structures collapsing. Why these structures collapsed? Buildings (including hotels and hostals) had collapsed because of poor construction. First, concrete cement was mixed with sea (beach) sand, that sand is too salty and affected the concrete strength. Second, buildings simply fell over themselves or violently inclined because the foundation could not bear to the upper floors.
Portoviejo, the capital the Province of Manabí.
April 2016. Photo:El Comercio

Portoviejo, the capital the Province of Manabí.
April 2016. Photo:El Comercio
Manta, Province of Manabí. April 2016.

and Manabi is one of Ecuador’s main tourist destinations!

The whole world donated money to Ecuador to help people of Manabi who lost their houses and business (constructed with salty sea sand), to survive and rebuild. However majority of these who lost their houses, business, still live in now rotten tents. Where is the money?
Taxes were raised in Ecuador, IVA was 12%, now 14% to fund earthquake recovery.  IVA translates in English as value added tax (VAT). However majority of these who lost their houses, business,  still live in now rotten tents. Where is recovery?

Nevertheless 53,89% of people of Manabi voted for the current regime.

There is movement in Ecuador now, online, mostly Facebook and Twitter, slogan "Nunca más pisen Manabí!"  I let you do your own translation for this.

Election drama continues..